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'LAMH's Martell Holt Finally Apologizes To Melody Holt

Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt has finally apologized to Melody Holt for his bad behavior.

Martell talked to Steve Harvey. After telling Steve that he is open to dating, Steve told him he needed to apologize to his ex-wife publicly.

"So to Melody, the person I've been with over 14 years, I grew up with you. We've accomplished a lot in life, we got four beautiful children. I wouldn't be the person I am, and I'm not talking about the negative things but I wouldn't be the person I am without you. I do love you, I love what we stood for. And it's my deepest hope that we can co-parent together, accomplish that, and make sure that we raise our children in the same way we wanted to raise them when we were together," he said.

Martell previously claimed that she cheated on him. He blamed her for his cheating and outed her for having an abortion.


He continued, "So I just want you to know that I am sorry to have put you through this, my children through this, our families through this. It hurts me and I know it hurts you just as much as it hurts me and I'm sorry, Melody, for everything that I've done. Everything. But I thank you for the opportunity that you gave me. You gave me plenty of chances to get it right. God gave me plenty of chances to get it right."