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Pastor John Gray, the pastor who gave his wife a Lamborghini, has confessed to cheating on her - during his Sunday service.

Last month Pastor John Gray came under fire for gifting his wife a Lamborghini SUV for their anniversary. Critics accused him of using church funds for the purchase, but Gray denied this, insisting he used cash earned from his reality TV show on OWN Network.

Now we have more details on WHY the pastor gave his wife, Aventer, the pricey vehicle.

During last Sunday's service the pastor admitted that he cheated on her. The pastor did not specify whether he cheated on her with a male or female.

But there are reports that the pastor may have fathered a child with his side chick.

According to Pastor Gray, he and his wife are working through their marriage, and she's forgiven him.

We're sure the $250K gift helped her be more forgiving . . . 

Here is the video of the sermon: