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Lamar Odom's GF Posts Old Mugshot Online

Sabrina Parr, the girlfriend of Lamar Odom, took to social media to share her old mugshot along with a message about elevation.

"I went from negotiating plea deals in the courtroom, to negotiating TV deals during quarantine!" she begins in the caption.

"Take it from me; Where you are now, doesn't have to be your future situation. Where you were before, does not define where you will end up. What you do with the time that you currently have makes all the difference! That's how you GET UP TO PARR😉" she continued.

It was reported months ago that Sabrina and Lamar had been filming their own television show. The couple became engaged in November last year. They are yet to tie the knot. The following month she revealed that they are abstaining from sex until they get married.

"(By the way, I BEEN posting my own mugshots, way before they was taking shots at me)!" she concluded the post.