Lisa Morales, the ex of former NBA player Lamar Odom has revealed that Rob Kardashian was the best Kardashian when it came to handling her children.

“I have to say that my kids would always talk about Rob. Rob, Rob, Rob. They love Rob and Kourtney too,” Lisa told Us Magazine. “Not saying that everybody else didn’t show up, but those two stood out. My kids definitely felt a lot of love from them.”

Lisa shares three children with Odom. Their daughter Destiny, 21, son Lamar Jr., 17. Odom, 39, and son Jayden, who died in 2006 at six months old. 

“Even in Vegas actually, Kourtney actually looked for my kids to go and sent positive energy when you didn’t know if Lamar was going to make it or not,” she said. “She actually was like, ‘Where are the kids?’ So that’s something that you don’t forget regardless of stuff that happened so many years ago.” 

Lamar is currently filming a new reality television show with his current squeeze, Sabrina Parr.