Lamar Odom: Sabrina Parr Slept With My Ex-Wife's Significant Other!!

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Lamar Odom has made a shocking allegation that his former fiancee, Sabrina Parr, told him that she once slept with his "ex-wife's significant other."

During an interview with Wendy Williams, Lamar confessed that he had not been faithful to Sabrina... but he says he had good reason:

"I did, but to be honest with you, Wendy, there was some things that kinda always made me look at her out the corner of my eye," he said. "Yeah, like when she told me that she had slept with my ex-wife's significant other. C'mon Wendy, you can put that together. I don't say names if I don't have to but..."

His ex-wife is, of course, Khloe Kardashian... and her significant other is her baby daddy Tristan Thompson.


So, did Sabrina Parr sleep with Tristan Thompson?

Lamar did not state when this took place, but for Lamar to say that he was giving her the side-eye would imply that it was more recent than his marriage to Khloe.