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Lamar Odom Claps Back At Liza Morales Over $90k Child Support Claims

Lamar Odom has responded to his ex Liza Morales who is claiming that he is far behind with his child support payments.

"I was never married to my kids mother. I took care of her from the second she became pregnant and even after I was married I still paid her bills. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for a GROWN ASS WOMAN!! Once my children became adults my duties were done! I told her to GO TO WORK! MOVE into an affordable home, she didn't listen and that is NOT on ME!" he wrote.

He continued," The news, the media, the public loves to vilify a man, call him deadbeat, say how terrible he is as a man but what about a woman who refuses to get off her ass and make a living for herself? She is just as responsible for taking care of our now ADULT children as I was so why isn't she held to the same standard?"


He says he does not receive a pension from the NBA and that he doesn't own a CBD line. He also denies receiving $40,000 to fight Aaron Carter.

He also says he sends his kids money every month.