Lamar Odom has announced that he's filming a reality show with his girlfriend, Sabrina Parr.

The former NBA star, who previously had a show with his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian called Khloe & Lamar - has only been dating Sabrina for a few weeks now, but their relationship seems to be moving at lightning speed.

"Me and my girl, we have a new show. Sabrina & Lamar. Sabrina Parr is the star," he told photographers.

His girlfriend, Sabrina also confirmed the news via her Instagram:

"Sabrina clarified a few details on her Instagram after her boyfriend made the announcement. "@lamarodom just can't hold water to save his life lol. The secrets out now tho. By the way ... the show name is not Sabrina & Lamar lol. I'll tell y'all a quick story. From the day I met Lamar, he kept saying to me 'man you're like a star.' Then every time ppl would come up to him to get a pic, he would say 'that's Sabrina Parr. She's the real star.' That's exactly how he's treated me since day one tho ... like I'm the star and I'm the one who should get all the attention! That's why he said this to the media. He truly feels that way. Meanwhile ... I'm just tryna wear my Nike hat and sweats in peace lol. I think a lot of you will be surprised as to what exactly is gonna be included on the show," she wrote.

Some have accused Sabrina of being with Lamar for the fame. In either case, a reality television show about their relationship seems awfully fast - especially since just a couple of months ago Lamar was still pledging his undying love for Khloe in interviews.