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Lala Anthony and husband Carmelo Anthony are expecting another child together, MTO News has confirmed.

Lala Anthony reconciled with husband Carmelo Anthony, following a year long split.

According to reports:

“La La and Carmelo have recently reconciled, and they truly still love one another,” an insider told Us Weekly. “It’s so obvious when they’re together.”

The source, who confirms that the pair are officially back together, claims their 11 year-old son factored into the reconciliation.

“They also both want what’s best for their son and are committed to being a family,” the source told Us Weekly. 

Lala inadvertently announced her pregnancy yesterday on Instagram. Lala's unofficial announcement came following a comment on Amy Schumer's Instagram post. 

The pregnant comedian posted a video of herself throwing up on the side of the road from morning sickness on Christmas. Lala was quick to comment " I'm with u !" . 

Other users were quick to pick up on the post, and replied to Lala's comment asking if she was telling the world something. 

Lala didn't reply, but she was seen out on Wednesday afternoon, as she visited a local Target, where she picked up some medication and checked out a Fireworks display for New Years.

And Lala was wearing baggy clothes, purportedly to hide her pregnancy.