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LaKeith Stanfield Explains $300 Clubhouse Moan Room Incident

A few weeks back, LaKeith Stanfield went viral after he entered a moan room on Clubhouse and won $300 for giving the hottest moan.

"I signed up for the app, and it's a really interesting, fun, cool app," he told Van Lathan. "[It] addicts you right away because you're able to communicate in a new way. So, there were top rooms at the top of the queue, and as you go down, the rooms get lower. The first room, one of the first rooms I saw was the moan room. So, I go into the moan room and I realize this is a bunch of guys who are moaning in a room."


"The funniest thing I've ever seen. It's great. I've got to get in on this,"he continued. "So, what I do is, I go on Google and I type in 'male moan,' and on YouTube, a video pops up that has a guy moaning." 

Watch the clip below.