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Coronavirus may have celebs holed up in their homes in self-quarantine, but that didn't stop Hollywood actor Lakeith Stanfield from asking singer Ari Lennox on a date.

Ari was on Instagram live pondering her love life -- "I was just sitting there shedding tears, thinking of my goddamn love life and how its exceedingly non-existent, how it's just a pitiful mess."

Stanfield, who was watching, then wrote, "Can you be my date? Let's go," in the comments.

"Lakeith, I don't have time for this right now," Lennox replied, obviously shocked. "Wait, you're joking… I don't even know how to say anything right now," she added.

The singer swiftly moved on, and proceeded to give fans a look at some of her new guitar center purchases, and didn't give him an answer. Her fans, however, like the idea of the two together and want them to go out on a date.

Y'all think he was being serious or just kidding around? Let us know.