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Love & Hip Hop NY star Mariahlynn has broken up with 50 year old reality star Rich Dollarz, and is now dating a young athlete MTO News has confirmed.

Mariahlynn 29 and Rich dated off and on for a couple of years, and the pair were hoping to start a family together. But Mariahlynn has finally come to her senses - and dropped Rich.

And her new boyfriend, has quite a future ahead of him. She's dating boxer Josue Vargas. - a 21 year old up and coming welterweight, that's being promoted by Floyd Mayweather.

Here are pics of them together:

Mariahlynn last made news when we learned that she underwent a Brazilian Butt lift, and added massive amount of size to her booty. This is what she looked like BEFORE getting the fat into her butt:


Mariahlynn is hoping to be invited back for the new season of Love & Hip Hop NY.

In case you missed it, at this season’s Love & Hip Hop New York reunion back in March, MariahLynn told everyone that she loves Rich Dollaz, that they’ve had an on-again/off-again relationship that spans eight years, and that she wants his children.

After the reunion aired, Twitter was abuzz with fans who said MariahLynn was exposing herself for a man who wasn’t claiming her, but Rich Dollaz is ready to set the record straight on all things MariahLynn.

Rich went on the record with VH1 and said:

I just think the whole Mariah thing in general was a bit random and, I guess, bizarre. Like, me and Mariah have been on and off for eight years, but I think people are thinking this thing where I had her hidden or something. Mariah has clearly dated other people. I mean, and that’s not a dig at Mariah. You can go on social media and see that Mariah has been with other people. So when people say, ’Oh my god! Rich, you had her hidden for eight years!’ It sounds ridiculous to me! It sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.