LAHH: Lyrica FAILED DNA Test . . . According To A1's Brother!!! (Who's The Daddy?)

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On this season of Love & Hip Hop, there is a question as to whether Lyrica Anderson is carrying her husband A1's baby, or whether the baby belongs to a side dude. Well now A1's brother is suggesting that a DNA test proved that it ISN'T A1's baby.

On the current season of Love & Hip Hop, producers created a storyline that suggests that fellow castmate Safaree had s*x with Lyrica, and impregnated her. The show suggests that Lyrica is hiding the relationship, and the true paternity of her child, from husband A1.

After K. Michelle accused Lyrica of trying to sleep with Safaree Samuels, the couple’s marriage has been in a rocky place. Up until now, most people believed that the storyline is FICTION, created by producers to drum up interest in the show. Well yesterday A1's brother Lloyd added some fuel to the fire.

In a comment on his brother's page, Lloyd suggests that a DNA test has been done, and that Lyrica "failed" the test.

Here's the post:


On the actual show Safaree Samuels didn’t exactly deny sleeping with Lyrica Anderson after Ray J. asked him about the rumors.

In fact, it appeared he admitted to doing something inappropriate.

He then took to Twitter and denied that he confirmed anything after the episode.

While it was reported months ago that A1 and Lyrica separated, we told you it looked as if they may have reconciled after A1 was robbed in a recording studio.