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Lady Gaga won the award for best song for her track “Shallow” from A Star is Born at the 2019 Critics Choice Awards on Sunday.

“I’ll never forget playing it for Bradley [Cooper] for the first time and seeing his face light up and then singing it live together, take after take, " she told the audience.

 "I was mesmerized both as myself and as my character Ally. I was basking in the brilliant transformation of Bradley into Jackson Maine, singing on his stage, and overwhelmed by the storytelling and power in his voice.

“This song is a conversation between men and women, asking each other questions about life … and the shallowness of a modern era. I’m so happy it resonated with you,” Gaga she continued.

Gaga recently apologized to fans for working with disgraced R&B star, R. Kelly. The move was blasted by Kelly's lawyer who accused her of abandoning R. Kelly to advance her career.

Christina Aguilera then came out in support of Gaga, praising her for doing the right thing.