Lady Gaga has apologized to her fans for collaborating with R. Kelly and has finally publicly condemned the shamed star.

Via her Twitter account on Thursday, Gaga announced that she intends on pulling a song she recorded with R. Kelly from iTunes and other streaming services following the controversy around the "Sex Me" singer.

Gaga had worked with R. Kelly on her 2013 track, “Do What U Want (With My Body). The pair even performed the track together the same year at the American Music Awards.

“What I am hearing about the allegations against R Kelly is absolutely horrifying and indefensible. I stand behind these women 1000%, believe them, know they are suffering and in pain, and feel strongly that their voices should be heard and taken seriously.”

She also revealed that she too was a victim of sexual assault and explained her reasons for working with him.

“As a victim of sexual assault myself, I made both the song and the video at a dark time in my life. My intention was to create something extremely defiant and provocative because I was angry and still hadn’t processed the trauma that had occurred in my own life. I’m sorry, both for my poor judgment when I was young and for not speaking out sooner.”

Her announcement comes just days after he was revealed that Kelly is under investigation for sexually assaulting several young girls and women at his mansion home in Georgia.