La La Anthony is reported to be "a wreck" after her husband, Carmelo Anthony was caught on a boat with a scantily clad mystery woman.

 "She's a wreck over it," a source told Page Six of La La.

Following the scandal, Melo posted a video, denying an affair and revealing to fans that the woman in question is married. He also lashed out at the media for spreading the rumors.

"All them bloggers that's trying to put that out there, that s h*t is not cool at all," he said. "That's not cool at all . . . The only reason I'm addressing this is because this is affecting my family now, and you got me out here looking crazy. Usually, I won't address this, but I had to address this."

According to a separate source, La La is currently in therapy: “She has trust issues and does not trust him fully,” the source said.