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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Marcus Black upset a few fans on social media after claiming that "No real man wants a woman who's 100% independent."

He posted the controversial video to his Instagram page and even says in the beginning that he knows his views will probably get him into hot water.

"I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of lip from you ladies over this, but f*ck it. It's gotta be said. No real man wants a woman that's 100% independent."

Watch the speech below.

What's surprising isn't Black's initial statements, but the number of people in his comments section who actually agree with him.

"I'm a woman I'm 59years old and I am old school and I agree with you and there are a lot of women out there talking that mess I don't need a man bull knowing full well that a lie. So I got your back 😉😊🤗"

"Black Kings are a dying breed....😩"

"I absolutely Agree!!? 💯💯 💯"

"I’m strong when I need to be ... but I know how to love a man the way he needs to be loved .. we all have our places and roles .. no man wants a women to be the man role and the women role .. men love their women to be just that .. a women.. that can be multifaceted .. but we are to let them have the purpose and feel like the man .. if he fits the part than I won’t have to work as hard.. and I can love my role and love him in his .. until he does I can’t stop for those who play.. like he said .. real men .. not men who want to sit in your house and play video games and put their feet up while you pay the bills .. FOH .. that’s why you have to get a man with your same drive or higher .. Let’s be a power couple.."

But of course, the majority got him the heck together!

"Independence is a good thing. No woman wants a man who downs her Independence. A woman a real woman want true companionship, love a man with integrity and a man who is also independent. The way you say it is as if a woman that has her own is not needed. We have to be independent because being dependent on a man who thinks this way is a set up for failure..."

"Ladies don't become less of a woman for a man! 💕💅✊"

"Y’all should both come into a relationship knowing y’all don’t NEED each other tf. Relationships are not needs."

Does the reality TV star have a valid point, or nah?