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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's Akbar ended the season as the show's villain after he involved Teairra Mari in his messy, polygamous situation.

The already vulnerable R&B songbird was battling the beginnings of an alleged drink problem before she stumbled into Akbar's web. Then a sex tape of her was released, and all heck broke loose!

Akbar and his other "partners" sat down with VH1  to shed light on his unconventional situation.

On How It All Started:

" I was with my daughter’s mother, my ex-wife, and it didn’t work out. It was a situation of personality differences, but it wasn’t because of infidelity, cheating or anything like that. [When it didn’t work out], I decided to do something different. I was in that monogamous relationship for two years and we divorced. Since I’ve been with Sade, [it’s been more than] six years"

On Bringing In Other Women"

"Sade had an issue because she didn’t pick Alejandra. Sade wants to help through the process, and that’s what I did as a man, that’s what causes the confusion and the conflict. Sade wants to pick the girl so she can control her and do some rules that I don’t agree with and that’s where you see the tension. The world didn’t get to see too much of it, but that’s where the dynamics have more to the story. In the return, I would like for Sade to pick a girl and I pick a girl to where we can see how it works with Sade picking someone that we really date and I have another girl that Alejandra can be friends with that she doesn’t control. Sade wants the full control of the woman. She wants to text the girl and be in the group text. She wants us to do everything together. And I want it separate and Sade doesn’t agree with that."

Akbar and his women seem eager to turn his murky perception around. We're still on the fence about the whole thing. Click here to read the entire interview.