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L.A. Teen Brutally Beaten When Gang Members Find SECRET GAY VIDEO! (Graphic)


An 18 year old teenager from Watts, California was badly beaten, after gang members from his hood learned that the teen was secretly gay.

A video of the teen and another male having sex was leaked online and the gang members from the teenager's Watts neighborhood immediately ran down on the teen. 

According to the gang, the teen was "disrespecting their hood" by being gay.

So the gang members decided to punish the young man, for his sexuality.

As the video shows, the teen was beaten, and stomped until he was bloody. According to social media reports that MTO News uncovered, the teen has since moved out of the neighborhood for fear of his life.

MTO News reached out to the Los Angeles police for comment on the video. We did not receive a response.

Hate crimes in L.A. County are at their highest rate in nearly a decade. Last year, a total of 322 hate crimes were reported in the city of L.A., a 10.3% increase over the previous year, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.