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The coronavirus has the Unites States virtually under a nationwide quarantine — and now even the police are getting involved to ensure that everyone abides by it.

Here is the video of police raiding the party

To that end, the Los Angeles police raided the birthday party of a one-year-old yesterday, MTO News has learned. Police are saying that the raid was "justified" because the party violated a new social distancing ordinance in the city.

Many around the country are worried that as the coronavirus epidemic gets worse, the country will soon fall closer and closer to a police state - where police have the unfettered ability to violate the Constitution.

And yesterday, we got one step closer.

The video, which was taken by a family member, shows dozens of Los Angeles police officers breaking up a party that was being held on the front yard of the child's home. 

The officers came out in full force and began pushing women and children - to get them to leave the party.

It's not clear whether any people at the party were arrested. MTO News reached out to the Los Angeles police for comment, but did not yet get a response.

Here is the video of police raiding the party