L.A. District Attorney To DROP All Charges On Tory: 'No Evidence Of A Crime'!!

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The Los Angeles District Attorney is planning on dropping all criminal charges against rapper Tory Lanez, according to one of Tory's friends.

Lanez was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon after he was detained leaving the area before dawn July 12 in a vehicle that eyewitnesses said may have been connected to reports of the shooting.

Since his arrest, Megan The Stallion - who was dating Tory at the time - claims that Tory allegedly shot her.

Unfortunately, the District Attorney doesn't have sufficient evidence to charge Tory, either with the gun or the shooting, Tory's friend tells MTO News.

The pal explained, "They arrested Tory too quickly, without evidence. They don't have proof the gun was Tory's, or that he shot anyone."

And the insider claims that the prosecutors will likely drop charges against Tory. "They have no case, that's why [Tory Lanez] is out. No evidence."

Right now, it's not clear whether Megan is cooperating with the district attorney or not.