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Kyrie Irving’s Team Upset He's Refusing To Be Vaccinated

Kyrie Irving is refusing to be vaccinated for Covid-19 and his team is upset.

The team is trying to trade him, but it is almost impossible because he has said that he would retire if he was traded, making discussions with other teams almost nonexistent," a source told HL. "The organization and his teammates are extremely disappointed with him. And that is saying it nicely. They had a championship caliber team lined up with him, and based on his actions — or in this case, his non-actions — it is potentially blowing up those chances."

Kyrie believes that being vaccinated is a personal choice and he will not be forced to.

The source says Kyrie will be kept away from the team if he doesn't receive the vaccine.

"But if he continues to choose to be unvaccinated and they can't trade him, then they will make sure he is away from the team." The source continued, "Thankfully, this has happened during the preseason so they can try to fill in the holes where needed to try to have the most successful season possible."