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Kylie Jenner's Body Is SICK . . . New Surgery Has Her Looking . . . Like AMBER ROSE!!


Kylie Jenner is officially THE HOTTEST KARDASHIAN - according to folks on the Internet. Kylie appears to have undergone EXTENSIVE plastic surgery following the birth of her daughter Stromi.

And from the response online - people are HAPPY with the results of those surgeries.

New pics of Kylie out in Los Angeles have leaked - and the pics are going viral. Kylie was spotted wearing athletic wear to the club - and the clothing was VERY flattering.

Kylie is believed to have undergone new and improved breast and butt augmentation procedures - that are designed to give a woman a more "natural" look. Instead of using silicone - or implants - doctors inject fat into the breast and butt tissue.

Before having a baby Kylie is believed to not have had "enough" fat to transfer, but after her pregnancy weight gain it appears that the doctors were allegedly able to work with what she had and shaped a GORGEOUS body for her that fans are in love with. 

The results are far more natural looking than earlier augmentation procedures.


The 20 year old super star told fans recently that she's no longer sharing her daughter on social media. It started when Kylie posted a selfie which looked like she'd cropped Stormi out of the picture, and fans immediately wondered why.

So what about the pictures of Stormi that were already uploaded to Kylie's Instagram? Well she deleted those too.

Only pictures of Stormi that don't include her face have been left up, but the rest have vanished.