Kylie Jenner's BEST FRIEND Jordyn Goes FULL PLASTIC . . . Check Out The NEW AND IMPROVED Body . . . That She Just BOUGHT!!

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Kylie’s best friend Jordyn was always a NATURAL girl – and she looked great. Well, she just had a few "adjustments" to her body. This is what she looked like BEFORE.

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And this is her now:

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Jordyn Woods is hailed for being plus-sized and body positive.

“I feel like when you categorize people and put them into a group, then it creates aloneness and segregation,” she said in an interview with E!. “There are so many models that it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t think there should be categories.”

Jordyn has been a champion for doing away with the plus-sized labels and having a more universal approach to sizes within the fashion industry.

“I feel like there should be no separate sections in fashion — there should just be one,” Woods told Obsessee, “If it fits, it fits, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t... For example, low-rise works for some people, and high-waisted works for others, and it’s cool to have separate sections like that, but when it comes to sizing, I feel like there should be one category and enough options for everyone.”

But it seems that Jordyn was not as confident in her body as she made it seem, and has resorted to surgery to smooth sculpt her famous curves. She looks terrific, but she looked great before too! But the pressure to look flawless was inevitable - especially if you're surrounded by plastic fantastics all day long!

She has had no shortage of modeling gigs and is signed to the world famous Wilhelmina agency.