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Kylie Jenner was seen yesterday out without any makeup, for the first time in nearly a year. And folks on Twitter are calling the billionaire Kardashian's face "frightening."

Paparazzi managed to snap a few flicks of Kylie Jenner with Stormi and Travis Scott arriving on a jet back to LA. The family spent a vacation together as a family.

Unfortunately for Kylie, she was caught off guard, and didn't have time to paint on her face.

Now the pics of a makeup free Kylie Jenner are going viral. And this couldn't be happening at a worse time.

Travis and Kylie have been having relationship issues. The rapper/rocker was allegedly caught cheating on Kylie. And Travis' alleged side chick went on Instagram to gloat about the alleged affair.

And the alleged mistress actually tagged Kylie in her posts.


A report from Elle Magazine details the couple's beach getaway as a way to "mend" their relationship...

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott planned a beachy getaway to save their relationship after Jenner reportedly accused Scott of cheating on her. Jenner had seen several "overly-friendly" DMs between Scott and other women on his phone, and that, along with being long distance while Scott is on tour, had really strained their relationship. 

But, thank goodness, one Mexican vacation was all it took for Scott and Jenner to get back to normal. E! has extensive detail about their Punta Mita trip and how the couple was able to repair their trust issues for now.

A source told E! that "Kylie and Travis have mended their relationship and are in a really good place now. They truly needed this vacation and alone time with one another." The source told the outlet that Jenner and Scott spent "a lot of time" together "to talk things over."