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There's a growing speculation online that Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child - possibly by her ex-fiance Travis Scott.

A woman in a Los Angeles maternity ward claims to have spotted Kylie and Travis in the maternity ward.

The woman took to social media to spill the alleged tea. She explained, "Right after my c section as I'm being wheeled to recovery we see Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott walk by us."

The new mom continued, "TMZ reported that she had been admitted to a local hospital for flu like symptoms but there is no way they would have let them into the high rise halls of labor and delivery."

She added, "I think she's pregnant again in her 1st trimester sick."

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On September 25th, TMZ reported that Kylie was hospitalized for "flu-like symptoms." At the time, TMZ reported, "Kylie Jenner is suffering, and has been for several days, with an intense illness that required her to check into a hospital this week."

If the woman is in fact correct and Kylie is in fact pregnant, it begs the question - who is the baby's father?

Kylie and Travis recently announced that they're separating. And almost immediately rumors began swirling that Kylie and her ex Tyga were reconciling.