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Kylie Jenner REMOVES Pics Of Stormi Off Social Media . . . After People Question PATERNITY!!


Kylie Jenner is one of the most followed people on Instagram, and her following has gone up ever since she started posting pics of her daughter Stormi online.

Well it now looks like we will no longer be getting to see any pic of her adorable baby daughter, Stormi.

The 20 year old super star told fans that she's no longer sharing her daughter on social media. It started when Kylie posted a selfie which looked like she'd cropped Stormi out of the picture, and fans immediately wondered why.

Kylie recognized that fans were asking the question in her comments and she decided to give an explanation - saying that she wasn't sharing pictures of Stormi right now. 


So what about the pictures of Stormi that were already uploaded to Kylie's Instagram? Well she deleted those too.

Only pictures of Stormi that don't include her face have been left up, but the rest have vanished.

While the reasons behind Kylie’s sudden change of heart are unclear, it’s not the first time she has retreated from the spotlight. Jenner retreated from the public eye last September after it was revealed she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott.

And since then Kylie has been fighting reports online that Stormi may not biologically be boyfriend Travis Scott's kid. Despite her outspoken INSISTENCE that Stormi is Travis'