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When news that Kylie Jenner became the youngest 'self-made' billionaire in history, social media was in uproar.

Kylie has obviously had some help from her famous family, and she has never, ever known what "broke" is.

During an interview with Interview Magazine, Kyle was asked, "A lot of people feel like the term “self-made” is not 100% accurate in your case…"

But Kylie feels like the title was earned, responding:

"There’s really no other word to use other than self-made because that is the truth. That is the category that I fall under. Although, I am a special case because before I started Kylie Cosmetics, I had a huge platform and lots of fans. I did not get money from my parents past the age of 15. I used 100% of my own money to start the company, not a dime in my bank account is inherited… and I am very proud of that."

Do you believe that Kylie stopped receiving any money when she turned 15? Or do you believe that her momager Kris Jenner slipped her some cash on the side? 

Let us know.