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Kylie Jenner: I'm SO HAPPY . . . Stormi Doesn't Need . . . LIP INJECTIONS LIKE ME!!

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Kylie Jenner is making news again, for suggesting that her six month old daughter has beautiful NATURAL lips, and doesn't need plastic surgery like her mother.

It all started when Kylie recorded a new YouTube video with her BFF, Jordyn Woods. The video, which was posted to Kylie's YouTube channel on Friday, has Kylie in it saying that Stormi looks just like she did when she was a baby. Jenner said in the video:

Stormi reminds me — she’s my twin. Now, she’s looking a lot more like her dad. I prayed and prayed that she would have, like, my big eyes and she has like, the biggest eyes ever…She has my forehead, too.”

But Jenner said in the video that Stormi hasn’t inherited Jenner’s biggest insecurity — her small lips.

She has the most perfect lips in the whole entire world,” Jenner said. “She didn’t get those from me, we’ll have to thank her dad for those.“

Kylie has underwent MULTIPLE surgical operations - some say that she destroyed her lips forever.

According to US Weekly, Kylie also answered some fans burning questions about her young daughter, saying that: “Hi @KylieJenner, I just wanna know how Stormi’s doing,” one user wrote. Jenner, 20, retweeted the message, adding, “Changing almost every week now it seems like. She has the cutest personality.”

The new mother revealed in June that she wasn’t going to be posting photos of her daughter “right now,” but has since seemingly changed her tune. On Sunday, July 1, she took to Snapchat to post multiple photos of her daughter – one of her lying in bed and another of them cuddling.

On July 3, she also revealed her 5-month-old daughter’s massive shoe collection, which included Louis Vuitton and Nike. “Stormi can finally fit into some of her sneakers,” Jenner said in a video, adding that Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott, “gave her a bunch of vintage shoes.”