SOOOOO . . . Is No One Else Going To Talk About How Kylie Jenner's BREASTS Have Grown In Recent Weeks!! (Are They REAL Or FAKE)


Recent photos and videos of Kylie Jenner have her fans wondering WTF. Her breasts are significantly LARGER than the size they were just a few months ago.

On one hand Kylie is just 19 (her birthday is today!), so her body is still developing. So it's possible that the growth is ntural.

Then again, she's a Kardashian. And there's NOTHING natural about those ladies.

This was on her Snapchat yesterday:

Kardashian family plastic surgeon (yeah, they have one), Dr. Ourian has said, "Kylie has become very wise in what she wants to have done and she has been going through an amazing metamorphosis over the past couple of years."