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Kylie Jenner Has A GIANT BLISTER On He Lip . . . Do You Think . . . She's Got The 'BIG H'!!! (Close Up Pics)


Kylie Jenner seems a little camera shy as she exits dinner with BFF Jordyn Woods ahead of the weekend. The new mom to daughter, Stormi, keeps it casual and makeup free. Does the makeup guru have a little red blister on her bottom lip?

While many stars have tried to hide there's and somewhat successfully, Jenner's is very clear. Have the stresses of being a new mom caused an outbreak?

We doubt it's that. According to Hollywood Life, the new mom is already planning to try for another baby with her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

An insider told them:

Kylie is so happy with Travis and she loves being a mom. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her, of course she wants more kids. And Travis is just as crazy about Stormi as she is, he loves being a dad. It’s true he’s already talking about getting her pregnant again but Kylie swears they’re not planning anything, she says she’s not in any rush."

The site also claims that Kris Jenner does not believe that Kylie wants to take it slow and is "terrified" that she's going too fast.

We just hope that she's not kissing Stormi with that mouth during her outbreak. It looks bad.