Kyle Richards has shut down fans who are now calling her the "queen" of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since Lisa Vanderpump's exit.

The statement came after Kyle posted a picture of her and Dorit Kemsley and newbie Sutton Stracke all wearing crowns.

"Anyone referring to someone on a realty show as a Queen needs a [sic] realty check. With all due respect. I am NOT a queen nor is anyone on any reality show. Let's save the crown and the Queen title for people who actually earned that title," she wrote on Twitter.

All eyes will be on Kyle as LVP will be absent from the show for the first time, and she is generally considered the next in line when it comes to the hierarchy of the show.

Camille Grammer recently announced that she would be returning the show after previously accusing Kyle of having her dropped earlier this summer.