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Kristal from the group June's Diary's house burned down this week, MTO News has confirmed. She's the second from the right in the above picture.

And the fire took everything from Kristal - and we mean everything. Kristal explained how devastating the fire was on her life:

Thank you God for sparing me and my family’s life 🙏🏽 last night I lost everything that I’ve worked my entire life entire home and everything in it, is gone. 

I know that God has a plan and never puts more on us than we can bare, but this has been the biggest blow I’ve ever had to take. 😞 All of my possessions, memories, and things of great sentimental value is gone...just like that.

A Go Fund Me page has been created for Kristal with a goal of $20,000. The link is posted in her Instagram bio.

Here's video of the fire:

For those that may have forgotten - June's Diary was the R&B girl group formed by singer Kelly Rowland and director/choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. on the American reality television docu-series Chasing Destiny in 2016.

The group consists of members Kristal Lyndriette Smith, Ashly Williams, Brienna DeVlugt, Gabrielle "Gabby" Carreiro and Shyann Roberts.