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Momager Kris Jenner is reportedly concerned that he daughter Kourtney Kardashian wants her ex, Scott Disick back.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and Khloé Kardashian are hanging out with their momager when Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick surprises them all with his latest Instagram post.

“Oh my God. Did you see what Scott just posted?” Kim asks in the clip shared by PEOPLE. “It says, ‘What more could a guy ask for? Three’s company.’ And it’s him, Kourtney and Sofia in Mexico.”

“To be honest, it’s a little confusing,” says Kris, 63. “Kourtney and Scott and Sofia on vacation together — what is happening?”

“Why in the world would she feel the need to go on vacation with Scott?” Kris ponders.

“Somebody is going to end up getting really hurt in this scenario," she says.

“It took me a couple of years after Robert [Kardashian] and I got divorced but we became the best of friends,” she continues, referencing her late ex-husband. “So I know a thing or two about being friendly with your ex and co-parenting. But it’s still incredibly challenging, so I worry that somebody is going to get hurt.”

Check out the clip below: