Kourtney Kardashian Wears Bikini SO SKIMPY . . . You Can See C-SECTION SCAR!!!

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Kourtney Kardashian showed off her bikini body yesterday, she spent Labor Day on the beach with her family. And the pics of Kourtney quickly went viral. Kourtney doesn't hav the type of EXAGGERATED and FAKE body like her sisters, but she's still getting traction on the internet.

Kourtney recently broke up with er boyfriend, and now she's looking to get chosen, preferably by a rich and famous man. So she's been doing the MOST to get attention.

Yesterday she wore a very revealing bikini - at least the bottoms. Almost as soon a she pics were released, people began commenting on how they can "see her c-section scar."

Here is the pic:



Apparently Kourtney's workout routine to keep her body tight is pretty simple. According to Kourtney  she trains every major muscle in the body with full-body workouts and engages in fun activities, like hiking and boxing. She relies on surprisingly simple moves for toning her glutes and getting a cardio burn, like jump rope and burpees. The mom of three is dedicated to her daily workouts and even makes sure to exercise on vacation.

Kardashian called jumping rope her “calorie-blasting pre-workout” in a post on her app, and for good reason. The full-body cardio routine can burn upwards of 1,074 calories per hour.

“Not only is jumping rope a really easy way to get your heart rate going before a workout, it also engages your entire body, using everything from your core to your arms and legs,” she wrote. “Also, this is a workout you can do virtually anywhere, inside or outdoors, at home or while traveling.”

Hopefully this extensive workout regimen will help her snag a man.