Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly "freaking out" that her ex, Scott Disick, will propose to his girlfriend, Sofia Richie soon.

According to Hollywood Life, sources close to Kourtney report that she would not be happy if that were to be the case:

“Kourtney is freaked out about the idea of Scott proposing to Sofia. The closer Kourtney, Sofia and Scott have all become over the holidays, the more Kourtney realizes how in love Scott is with Sofia and that a proposal could be right around the corner,” the source told HL. 

“While Kourtney is happy to see Scott so grounded, stable and in a healthy relationship, it also scares her to think that she could might lose him forever. In the back of her heart, she always thought about maybe having more kids with Scott or that one day they might get back together."

Well, it appears that Kourtney has left things far too long and her ex has moved on and seems very happy with his 20-year-old girlfriend. Despite Kourtney and Scott being together for over 9 years, they were never married.

“Kourtney is still getting adjusted to the idea of Scott and Sofia living together, so she couldn’t even begin to imagine or wrap her brain around the thought of them getting engaged or married at this point. Kourtney is a very loyal and sensitive person, so she always finds it difficult to emotionally detach herself when she parts ways from relationships or friendships.”