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Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly jealous of the relationship between her ex, Scott Disick and his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

It was only earlier this week, all three were pictured hanging out together by the pool. But we knew that things would go back to being awkward again after the holidays, and it appears that they have.

“Kourtney misses her connection and old relationship with Scott,”a source told Hollywood Life. 

“All the time they all have been spending together has been nice for Kourtney, and she really feels like they are all in a good place. But the more they are together, the more she misses the way things used to be with Scott. Kourtney misses the good times she had with Scott and is finally forgiving and getting to a place where she can forget about a lot of his mistakes. As New Years Eve approaches, she can’t help but feel a little bit jealous of Sofia’s sweet connection with Scott. Kourt kinda wishes it was her that got to kiss Scott at midnight and not Sofia.” 

Kourtney probably thought that Scoyy would soon grow tired of 20-year-old Sofia (who is 15 years his junior) but the couple seems very happy together.

“Kourtney has done a lot of reflecting as the new year approaches and she never thought she would be in the position she’s in now. Kourtney never envisioned Scott loving Sofia as much as he does, or that he would even still be with her at this point. Kourtney is relieved to have built a connection with Sofia, and to see how much Scott has changed this past year. However, Kourtney always thought she could get Scott back anytime she pleased, but now she doesn’t hold that same confidence any longer after seeing how close Scott and Sofia have become.” 

Oh, dear. It was all good just a week ago!