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Rapper Kool A.D. has been accused of sexually assaulting four women.

The women sat down with media outlet, Pitchfork to detail their experiences at the hands of the artist, formerly of Das Racist,

“Our first time was at his parents’ house, and I told him straight up, ‘We can hook up, but I don’t want to have sex tonight,’ and he said, ‘OK,’” she said. “He did it anyway, and I just froze, and he was like, ‘Oh it’s OK, just for a little bit," said Vazquez’s estranged wife Saba Moeel, as she recalled the rape which took place sometime between 2010 and 2011.

According to Pitchfork, Vasquez forced her to perform oral sex on him without her consent during a New Year’s party in 2011 or 2012. 

“He basically made me give him head while I was super drunk and wanting to throw up and go to the bathroom, and then spent the whole night with me by the toilet as I threw up,” she said.

Vasquez refuted the claims via email, writing:

“I remember that first sexual encounter to be consensual and she never mentioned the event to be otherwise to me until the end of our four-year marriage. Regarding the New Year’s Party, we were both intoxicated, but I was under the assumption at the time, and for several years after the fact, that the oral sex was consensual.”

Pitchfork's interview includes those stories from other women, and although Vasquez denies that any of the incidents were without consent, he provided them with the following statement:

“I know I still have a lot of unlearning to do regarding sex, ego, pride, and masculinity. I’m learning to recognize the toxic ideals of masculinity that I unthinkingly bought into. I compulsively sought validation through sex, selfishly unaware of the harm I was causing. I’m trying to be vigilant about consent, have more direct conversations, check myself and really be present and attentive to the wants and needs of the women in my life and not just in sexual relationships but in my relationships with all women. I’m trying to not prioritize my wants and needs over the wants and needs of others. I’m trying to be as open as possible and listen as much as possible and not try to inject my ego into every situation I find myself in. I am learning to confront myself now so that I may transform my toxic patterns for the sake of my daughter, my family and friends, my girlfriend, my community and myself. I want to utilize whatever is left of my marginal celebrity to help foster more healthy ideas of masculinity and challenge the expectations that arise from gender binaries. I don’t want to cause anyone any more pain. I don’t want to be a source of trauma. I want a clear mind and an open heart.”

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