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Kodak Black's DJ has broken his silence on the news of the rapper's prison fight which occurred last week, calling the incident "bullsh*t."

"Y'all know I always keep quiet about Kodak situation, but I'm say this and walk off! It's just crazy how Kodak been in the FEDS cooling and staying out the way, but 2weeks until his court date he get into prison brawl!" DJ Showtime tweeted.

According to AP News, Kodak got into a fight with another inmate and even kicked a guard in the groin. The guard was attempting to break up the fight and had to be rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery for his injuries.

Kodak is currently in prison after he was charged for falsifying information on federal forms as he attempted to purchase four firearms from a gun shop in Miami on two separate occasions. According to the cops, one of the weapons was found at the scene of a Pompano Beach shooting back in March of 2019.