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Kodak Black's 7-Yr-Old Son Tells Him 'I'm Getting F*cked Tonight'

Kodak Black's 7-year-old son shocked his famous daddy when he told him that he was "getting f*cked tonight."

 "Hold on, what you finna to do today? Hold on, hold on, hold on, what you say you finna do today? You're getting what tonight? How you getting f*cked tonight? By who?" Kodak asks him.

"My girlfriend," his son responds.

Then Kodak gives him some very Boosie-like advice:

"OK, OK, alright. See listen, no, no, no, no, no. We do the f*ckin, you know what I'm saying? She getting f*cked tonight. You ain't getting f*cked tonight," he tells his son.

In April, Kodak pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree assault and battery under a plea deal and Kodak received a suspended ten-year sentence. He is on probation for 18 months. The victim reportedly agreed to the conditions of the plea deal as long as Kodak took full responsibility for the assault and publicly apologized to her. Kodak issued an apology in court and agreed to start going to counseling.


He then revoked his apology on social media.