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Despite the blackface scandal, rapper Kodak Black will not be joining in with the current Gucci boycott.

Speaking on his Instagram live, Kodak addressed the controversy:

"See my little Gucci clothes that I bought? And Imma wear it... I'm black, right? And I'm thug to the bone, right? And I f*ck with white people, right? But sometimes black people do be reaching for like no reason. Just be reaching. Them people ain't do nothing... them people ain't say nothing bout no racist sh*t. Them people just had a little ski mask—there's all kinds of ski masks in the world," he said.

Before suggesting that boycotters shoot up the KKK.

His message is a far cry from Soulja Boy's who earlier this week, stated that he would be getting rid of his Gucci apparel and his Gucci tattoo.

"Gucci's done," he told TMZ.

"I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, over the last ten years on the brand. So it's like, I feel disrespected for them to even portray my culture like that."