Things got heated between Kodak Black during an interview with Hot 97's Ebro, leading to Kodak walking out on the interview.

Kodak is busy promoting his upcoming album, Dying To Live and Ebro in the Morning were one of the stops on his press run. During the interview, Kodak opened up about Cardi B's success of "Bodak Yellow," XXXTentaction everything was fine.

That was until Ebro brought up his pending sexual assault case, which ultimately resulted in Kodak waking off from the interview.

“Looking at all your cases you’ve been through, and I know the recent one right now is very sensitive... With respect to everybody involved with that case, we can’t get into details today, but you know we take sexual assault here seriously and we can’t get into detail. But we hope to have you back so we can have a deeper conversation about that because it’s a serious topic and we’re hearing these stories a lot,” Ebro told the young rapper.

 “What the f8ck y’all talkin’ about? I feel like, sometimes when n*ggas goin’ through sh*t, y’all be entertained by bullsh*t. So it’s like, change the subject or I’m finna walk out," Kodak snaps.

Ebro tells him that he can leave, and he does.

Ebro was forced to hop on Twitter to explain what happened:

"I was tryna have a balanced convo with Kodak Black & not ignore the serious allegations against him but also not ask specifics to make his situation worse... and he wanna get an attitude with me?? Nah...."

He continued:

"People are really dense... He gave us an ultimatum. I didn’t ask him a question. I said “when you come back hopefully we can address...” FOH."

Before adding:

"Watch the entire @KodakBlack1k interview... I think most of it was honest & balanced. He’s a smart guy... I just won’t be given ultimatums after we tried to be chill.. nah"

Do you think Ebro crossed the line or was his question fair game? Let us know?

Watch the entire interview below: