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Kodak Black Violated Probation By Testing Positive For MDMA But Can Still Perform At Rolling Loud!!

Kodak Black violated his probation after he tested positive for marijuana and ecstasy (MDMA).

After being released from prison, Kodak tested positive for weed in February and then ecstasy in August. He was then ordered to complete a 90-day treatment program. He was back in court to ask the judge for permission to perform at Rolling Loud New York and the judge signed the papers.


Last week, the rapper talked about the viral video showing him groping his mother.

“When I see my mama, homie, I adore her. I kiss her feet, homie, what you talkin’ bout boy. Some of you n*ggas don’t even holla at your mama. Some of you n*ggas don’t even call your mama, homie. Some of you n*ggas don’t spend time with your mama, homie. How do you expect to love a bitch if you don’t love your ol’ girl. That’s my ol’ girl. She ain’t trippin’. I don’t give a f*ck what you talkin’ bout, n*gga. I grabbed my mama because I treat my mama like my lady, n*gga. That’s my queen, n*gga.”