Fans of Kodak Black are extremely concerned after the rapper posted a message to his family, accusing the staff of the prison he is serving time in of "strategically" killing him slowly.

The lengthy message appears via his Instagram, and Kodak detailed several incidents where he alleges that he has been deliberately targeted.

He even names one of the individuals he says is responsible:

"Lieutenant F. Arroyo has been very vindictive towards me and I have a strong feeling it has something to do with me being set up, laced, bruised and brutally beaten two weeks before my court date," Kodak wrote. 

"There is a big conspiracy going on in this building. Me. Santiago Torres is using her position wrongfully in Miami FDC and is abusing her authority. She has been writing falsified incident reports on me, to take phone privileges that I get once a week while in solitary. Also, doing anything to take my gain time so that I come home literally when I am supposed to."

He continued, "One morning, she pulled me out my cell to tell me she is going to 'Take my pretty little girlfriend off my visitation list,' For no other reason but to add insult to my distress. Not being able to see my significant other while locked away in this hell hole," he wrote.

"Also, I was denied visit with my mother on December 23, two days before Christmas. Not only does my incoming mail take an average of a month To get to me but they are messing with my outgoing mail as well. My family hasn't received none of my letters for the holidays. Which is borderline cruel and unethical, but as if all this is not enough, on December 31 New Year's Eve to be exact, I was handed an empty tray for breakfast. I brought it o their attention, but nothing was done for me. Since the camera shows them entering a tray through my flap, but meanwhile there is nothing in my tray when i. opened it."

Before his shocking plea towards the end of the post:

"They are strategically killing me slowly in here. I have been humiliated over and over again."

 In November, Kodak was sentenced to 46 months in prison over firearms charges.