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Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed last weekend. The rapper/activist left behind two children, and a wife, actress Lauren London.

Last night 21 year old Florida rapper Kodak Black made a video on Instagram Live, where he appeared to "shoot his shot" at Nipsey's widow Lauren London.

Kodak can be heard saying, "Lauren London's that baby though. She's gonna be out here single. She's gonna be a whole widow out here."

The 21 year old continued, "I'll be the best man I can be for her."

But Kodak added that he intends to be patient. He told his friend, "She probably needs a whole year to be crying and sh*t."

He claims that he's going to reach out to Nipsey's widow, and ask tell her that he can be a "shoulder to lean on."

Here's the video:

Fans of Nipsey Hussle are outraged at how disrespectful Kodak was being to the situation.

Some of Nipsey's friends claim that they will be reaching out to the Florida rapper, and asking him to publicly apologize for his comments.

Kodak Black has been caught up in quite some problematic controversy in recent months. He was very vocal recently about want to get with Young M.A. who is an open lesbian. And now with Nispey being gone, going after Lauren London is attracting the wrong kind of attention. 

In addition, yesterday MTO News reported that, Kodak Black has been charged with raping a high school student in South Carolina. And now a court is trying to get Kodak's DNA - to convict him, MTO News has confirmed.

Judge Michael Nettles signed off on solicitor E.L. Clements III’s motion to have Kodak Black hand in blood and saliva samples immediately in his sexual assault case in South Carolina.

Clements wants Kodak's DNA samples to be submitted in order to compare it to the evidence recovered from the alleged victim.