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Kodak Black responded to the news that his artwork was removed from T.I.'s 'Trap Museum' - with even more disrespect.

Kodak most likely viewed the video of the removal, which went viral' and hopped on live to vent about how much he did not care that his artwork was being removed.

“F*ck all that other sh*t. F*ck that p*ssy ass museum. B*tch, I didn’t give you permission to put me up there anyways, b*tch. F*ck that p*ssy as museum.”

We know that T.I. is away on vacation with his family in Maui, but he won't take kindly to being called a b*tch by young rapper, Kodak. Since his comments about Lauren London artists and DJ's have rallied to boycott Kodak's music.

“I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and sh*t for (Hussle),” Kodak of Lauren, who has two children with Nipsey Hussle.