Kodak Black Responds To NBA Youngboy Via Call From Prison!!


The beef between Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy continues, and Kodak responded again to the issue from prison via a phonecall.

It's unclear who Kodak was speaking to, but he had this to say about his feud with YoungBoy.

"I'll keep posting homie. I'll keep on clout chasing n*gga, in your voice n*gga. And make you do something boy, stop playing with me boy, for real boy. Talking bout suck a d*ck, talking about suck a d*ck playing with a real one like that you don't play with no man like that. Talking bout suck a d*ck, homie."

He is referring to YoungBoy's rant, where he flipped because Kodak accused him of cooperating against his girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather. YoungBoy said during the rant that Kodak "must be sucking d*ck."

We think Kodak needs to be careful getting involved in any beef while in prison because the feds do check the blogs.

Check out the audio below.