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Kodak Black posted a message to fans via his Instagram after the rapper pleaded guilty to gun charges.

"4 Months Ago I Was Jus Facetiming Da Baddest Females On Planet Earth , Na Im Makin Jail Calls Waitin On Mail Call," he began.

"Ya Sometime I Come Off A Lil Arrogant But You`ll Be Too If You Was Young & Rich Comin Up Out Da Projects , Shiddd I Walked Out A Juvenile Detention Center To Millions Of Dollars #IMAGINEDAT .. On Da Real , Im Feelin Its Sumn God Wanna Show Me Or Want Me To Do Cause Im Steady Going Through Da Same Thing , Hopefully These Lessons Turn To Blessings. I Appreciate Ya`ll Screamin To Me Too LOVE 🧡," he continued sharing a pile of fan mail he's received in jail.

Kodak allegedly falsified legal documents to acquire three firearms. He was arrested for the crimes right before he was set to perform at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. Kodak was taken into custody and denied bail after prosecutors argued that he is a danger to society.

Y'all think Kodak has learned his lesson?