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Kodak Black wants his fans to know that he's allegedly been locked in a bathroom, presumably by prison staffers.

"Ion Really See The Purpose Of Keepin A N*gga Locked In A Bathroom, Like A N*gga Got The Cooties Or Sumn Lol Help Me Understand," he wrote. "One Day A Man Must Decide, For Better Or For Worse. What Will Be The Monument Of His Existence. #Truly"

But then his post takes an almost positive tone, as he vowed to keep going:

"I'm Finna Get Off This Sh*t! The Way They Handling A Real One Is Real Sad, Nevertheless Unforgettable!. But I Can Never Hold My Head Down, Ima Keep Rolling Like A Dam Fire Drill. #GLEE."

Kodak Black is currently serving a four-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges. The rapper was transferred last week to a Kentucky penitentiary, where he is expected to carry out the rest of his sentence.