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Rapper Kodak Black may be behind bars, but he hasn't forgotten about his fans -- and posted a handwritten note to his social media.

"RoadRunner Bill ! Ya so I Put dat Sh*t in gear..Im shiftin good right na, in a literal sense!" Kodak begins the letter. 

The rapper claims that he is still being targeted and even physically assaulted in prison.

"DATPART Lol. I went to DHo for the shot. They gave me 60 days in the box but suspended the 30 on Dude end. I gotta do the 30 for the C.O. incident. F*ck it im on cruise control ! They hit me cross the head tho on everything else. They took my commissary 6m, Phone & the email. They left my visit but I ain't anticipating that right na. Prolly later ! Everything z I just ain't like how dem people was playin on my job ! DATPART. YAY..Ya know that boy Brad come saw me, laced me on "cool" appeal situation. Tell Jackboy tell cool 'I LOVE em & can't wait to re-unite.' Das my Dirty Forreal. Jackboy & DJ ain't neva gotta question my Love, Kuz das a Boomerang !"

Kodak was sentenced to nearly four years in prison in November after he pleaded guilty to weapons charges stemming from his arrest at a May concert.