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21 year old Florida rapper Kodak Black has been under fire recently - for making disrespectful comments towards the widow of deceased rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle.

Kodak tried to "shoot his shot" at Lauren, just 3 days after Nipsey was killed - and many found that "disrespectful." Kodak Black was filmed making insensitive remarks about London—the late rapper's longtime girlfriend. The "Zeze" rapper said the actress was "finna be a whole widow" and that he would gladly step up to "be the best man I can be for her."

"I'll give her a whole year," he said in the footage. "She might need a whole year to be crying and sh** for [Nipsey]."

T.I. immediately blasted Kodak for the comments, and issued a stern warning.

"Hey, Kodak Black: You outta pocket, n***a. Fix that shit—quickly, expeditiously," Tip said in an Instagram video. "[...] If I see you, I’ma say it to your face. You outta pocket, n***a. Get your motherf***in' self together."

Well now Kodak is trying another route. Since he can't get the real thing - he's looking to get the next best thing to Lauren.

According to multiple social media sources, Kodak slid into the DMs on an Instagram model who bears a stunning resemblance to Nipsey's wife Lauren.

The model is named Beauty Nu - and Kodak's has reportedly been pressing the girl to meet.

So far Beauty Nu is not interested, MTO News has learned. One of her girls told us, "[Beauty Nu] doesn't want to be involved with any of the mess surrounding Kodak Black."

Here are pics of the girl: